Fees: $5

Registration only on race day from 7-8 am.

Rain or Shine

Refreshments will be available to all after runs.

More info:  John Luaces 526-3076 or frostyruns@gmail.com

2021 Race Schedule

2/13/21 - Lake Redding Park - 2M & 4.3M
0/21 - Lake Redding Park - 2M & 5.7M
2/27/21 - Lake Redding Park - 2M & 4.3M

With recent state health guideline changes we will be able to put on three

We will observe the following safety precautions:

1. Masks required when not running, before and after.
2. Social distancing.
3. We will have staggered starts.  The number of starts and how many will be
in each group will be determined on race day by the numbered registered and
the amount of space available at the starting area.

Groups will be formed by race and bib number.  Long course runners will go
first, followed by short course.

There will be no point championship, prediction contest or awards.

No aid station on course.

4. After registering please remove yourself from the pavilion area as quickly
as you can so we can safely help others.

5. We ask for the safety of our volunteers that you pull your own race tag in
the finish chute and hand it to the volunteer.